Simple Golf Terms

Shot – hitting the ball up in the air
Two on – taking two shots to put the ball on the green
Tee up – putting the ball on the pin to play the game
Tee shot – Taking the first shot
Chip shot – Chipping the ball up to the hole from in or outside the green

Simple Filed terms
Hazard – Puddle, creek, or obstacles inside a golf course
Bunker – a concave area filled with sand
There are side bunkers located on the side of the fairway, cross bunker located on the middle of the fairway, and greenside bunker located next to the green.
O.B.(out of bounds) – off-course where playing is restricted
If the ball is out of bounds, a player receives 2 penalty strokes. If the ball is near the O.B. line inside the course, it is not an O.B. The ball has to be completely outside the O.B. line.