Checklist of things you need in your first rounding

Arriving at the golf course early
Time often causes trouble. Generally, tee off time means the time the rounding starts. Therefore, it is important to arrive 30 minutes or 1 hour prior to tee off time at the club house. You may arrive early to change your clothes, practice putting, and loosen your body before starting your round.

Checking your club and equipment
What would happen when you realize you left your putter at home? Actually, there are worse cases. There are golfers who leave their pants, golf shoes, and even their clubs. You need to double check your equipment before going to a golf course, because forgetting to bring your equipment is rude.

Learn golf etiquettes
Arriving at the golf course early, and brining your clubs and equipment are all basic etiquettes. Golf is a sport in which that stresses etiquette a lot. While there are no physical contact or intense body movement, manners and rules are important in the game of golf. Therefore, it is important to get familiar with the rules and hear advice from experienced teammates before first rounding.

Travel diligently, take shots carefully
Of course it is hard not to get nervous in the first rounding. Your ball may fly all over the place while your team mates take good shots. That’s what happens to all beginners. Even at this situation, you should travel to the ball at your best to minimize game time. Taking shots after traveling you should be carefully carried out. This is the fastest route to become a great golfer.