Types of golf ball shots.

Driver shot
Most people recall driver shot when they think of golf. It’s a shot flying the ball on to the field.

Approach shot
It’s a shot to put the ball within 100 yards from the green. Approach shots are divided into approach chip shots and pitch shots.
▷Chip shot – a short approach shot taken within 30 yards from the hole cup. The shot is barely as swing but rather it is chipping a ball.
▷Pitch shot – an approach shot taken between 30 yards and 100 yards away from the hole cup.
The approach shot that requires short swinging for accurate aiming rather than long distance shot with long swinging. A player must concentrate on attaching the elbow joint to the body unlike the driver shot.

Bunker shot
It is one of the difficult shots which is taken to take the ball out the bunker: cross bunker, trouble bunker, and greenside bunker. The shot requires concentration and the form changes by situation. It is important to remember to accurately measure the target location since you do not hit the ball right away. You would be able to decrease the chance of having missed shots if you target If you target for 3cm or 5cm behind the hole. Also do not force scooping up motion, as it causes missed shots.